Historically, Demus has always been at the cutting edge in the research and development sector, carrying out in-depth studies on particular aspects of coffee. In certain particularly strategic cases, the company has arranged to undertake and successfully conclude the process of registering patents. The list of patents held by Demus is given below:
Process for removing from the green coffee in particular Ochratoxin A, a fungal metabolite potentially harmful to health. Blocking the development of the same procedure with removal of caffeine.
  • Italian patent n ° 1282998 of 03/04/1998
  • Italian patent n ° 1296083 of 09/06/1999
  • European patent No. 923 305 of 13/04/2002
  • European patent n ° 1035778 of 02/05/2003
These patents have been extended in some non-European countries such as Colombia, U.S., Canada, Mexico and Brazil.
Demus method removal of trichloroanisole and geosmin, two molecules considered to cause negative aromas of coffee.
  • Italian patent n ° 1324833 of 02/12/2004 (TCA and GEO)