Demus' technique and its advantages

Compared to the other decaffeination methods, Demus' technique has the least effect on the organoleptic properties and quality of the original coffee, resulting in a product which is practically indistinguishable from the caffeinated equivalent. Only qualified experts are able to perceive the difference during taste tests, where both the decaffeinated and the original coffee are tasted.

Besides extracting caffeine, Demus' technique also removes the waxes (C-5-HT) found in the outer layer of the bean, thus delivering a coffee that is both dewaxed and decaffeinated, and therefore easier to digest. Furthermore, Demus' patented technique guarantees the removal of negative flavours (trichloroanisole and geosmin) and fungal metabolites which are potentially damaging to human health (Ochratoxin A), as proven by the three patents held by the company.